Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Don't Be A Dead Turtle

As I did my best to make my way around the neighborhood this morning without sounding like I had emphysema, I came across a dead turtle. Finding road kill while you run on the road is a normal occurrence. Usually you smell it well before you see it and make your way around it but in this case, it didn't smell until I was right up next to it. At first I thought it was still alive and just hidden in it's shell (it was upside down) but as I got closer, I could see the flies and knew it was dead.

Which got me to thinking about death. Roadkill does that to me it seems. Makes me think about death that is. As I ran past the turtle, I began to think about being slow and doing nothing and how it can kill. Well, being slow is okay I think. Just because you're slow doesn't mean you'll die. But doing nothing or sitting back too much, that kind of slow, now that I believe can kill. Since leaving work I've been moving a lot more and it's left me feeling better about things.

So I guess I should be thankful for the dead turtle in the road. It reminded me to keep moving or risk death.

Morbidity aside, the run was uneventful. I did feel a little winded at times but I also felt pretty healthy at times. It was weird.

Temps were about 85F. Humidity was high. Sky was overcast. Winds were light to moderate.

Fluids and Fuel:
I had breakfast before the run, then let it set for a while before running. Breakfast was two egg whites, two slices of bread, and two sausage patties. And coffee. Always assume I'm drinking coffee. Plain water during the run. Recovery was a lunch of leftover spaghetti, salmon, and brocolli.

Aches and Pains:
Other than the wheezy chest, things felt fine.

Wore shorts and a t-shirt.

Today's Motivation:
Nothing like a little domestic strife to motivate you to go for a run. I'm so glad this kind of therapy is free.

Naughty Neil:
My after-dinner snack yesterday probably wasn't the best choice. But I felt like I needed something to eat. Even though I'm sure I didn't.

Loop 1 - 15:50
Loop 2 - 17:27
Finish - 33:17

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