Monday, June 06, 2016

Magnum PI - S1 E4 - No Need To Know

Magnum PI
Season 1
Episode 4
No Need To Know

Magnum is caught in the middle, again, of a grand conspiracy. This one involves the IRA and British Army. And the American Secret Service. With the IRA trying to kill the British General, Higgins, along with the British Army, tries to keep him safe. Meanwhile, the Secret Service is trying to keep him safe too but without the British knowing about it. And of course Magnum is in the middle of it all.

Cell Phones
Another pay phone. The Secret Service would certainly have a cell phone of their own to call Magnum. No need for a pay phone.

Magnum's big beef in this episode is the lack of communication between the security and intelligence agencies. Cell phones would help but I think a smart phone would be ideal for this case. Photos, emails, and texts could be shared rather quickly and by sharing that intelligence, the various agencies could have easily put things together fast enough to prevent an attack.

Not to mention the climax car chase scene could have been prevented entirely with a simple phone call.

Yep, bikinis in a solid color are timeless. Men's fashion has thankfully changed when it comes to swim suits. Those super short trunks looks so uncomfortable. But those tight pants and tight shorts and shiny dress shoes just scream tourist.

And the tall socks. Why the tall socks? Sure, they go with the dress shoes but you don't wear dress shoes and over the calf socks with shorts. My eyes hurt.

The women's dresses in this episode are at least appealing. Nothing too dated. Not exactly fashionable and hip but they were at least stylish.

And Rick is wearing that goofy shirt with bananas and burgers again. Love it!

Hawaiian Shirt
A nice dark shirt with white flowers. They look like irises or daffodils or something. Either way, I liked the darker color. Much more subtle.

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