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Three's Company - S1 E4 - No Children, No Dogs

Three's Company
Season 1
Episode 4
No Children, No Dogs

This episode has gone to the dogs. Well, one dog to be precise. Jack brings home a puppy but Mr. Roper doesn't allow pets.

Physical Comedy
  • Chrissy pacing in the living room.
  • When Larry puts the rubber dog bone in Jack's mouth.
  • Chrissy sleepwalking like a zombie.
  • Jack tripping over just about every piece of furniture in the apartment.
  • The dog food. And Mr. Roper eating it.
  • That damn swinging kitchen door.

With the puppy as the central point of comedy in the episode, one of the jokes is about dog food. They mention the ingredients as "horse meat" and "bone meal and marrow bone jelly." And of course the side effects of scratching, fetching, and the proverbial "ain't fit for a dog" line at the end.

But is dog food safe for human consumption?

In a word, no. It's pretty gross when you get into it, but pet food is generally not considered safe for human consumption. Yes, there are potential sources of "human grade" or "human safe" ingredients, but that doesn't necessarily make it safe to eat.

Today, pet food is fairly well monitored and regulated and is relatively safe for pets to eat. But even with stricter rules regarding ingredients and production methods, it's still not safe to eat. Back in the 1970s when Three's Company aired, the rules were likely far less strict. So that joke about horse meat being an ingredient isn't much of a joke. In fact, during the recession in the mid-1970s, humans ate horsemeat.

In the end, don't eat dog food. It's not safe. And the STEM angle on this? There are a lot of pet-related science projects out there from "left paw vs. right paw" to "what food will my dog eat." I'm not sure I can recommend doing any of those as they rely upon a living animal. However, with a little more work and money, you can test what types of meat are in dog food to see how accurate the labels are.

April 7, 1977 People's Drug ad from the Fredericksburg, VA Free Lance-Star newspaper. Ironically, this is the same day this episode of Three's Company aired.

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