Monday, May 09, 2016

Magnum PI - S1 E2 - Please Don't Eat The Snow In Hawaii

Magnum PI
Season 1
Episode 2
Please Don't Eat The Snow In Hawaii, Part 2

Magnum continues his investigation with a meeting with "Snow White," the local dealer of cocaine on the island. We also continue with the flashbacks to Vietnam and Magnum's Special Forces team. What I noticed more this time was the cut scenes between the flashback and the present day. There was a bit more polish and it felt more natural and almost like there was a secondary story to be told. Which I guess is ultimately what the purpose is of looking back in time.

Two security related tidbits I noticed in this episode. First, Magnum and his friend's sister get onto the Naval base without a positive ID. It reminds me of the good old days when my dad would take me onto base and would just slow down so the guard could see the sticker and then wave us through. Second was Magnum taking the gun into the airport. Not sure I miss that part of the old days but it certainly shines a light on how much things were different back then.

Finally, the signet ring. I know the symbol was on the rings, the opening credits, the helicopter in Vietnam, and a few other places. But I'm not sure what it means. Or if it even means anything. I guess I have a few seasons to find out.

Cell Phones
With cell phones, the show would lose a joke in the scene where TC calls the "red phone" that seems to be the private number for Robin Masters but asks for Magnum.

The large collars/lapels on Higgins' shirt stand out as very 70s era fashion. The rest seem to be more from the 80s. And again, the military uniforms are fairly static.

Hawaiian Shirt
One of the bad guys wore a Hawaiian shirt. But I figure I need to only focus on Magnum. After all, he's the main character. So no island shirt. But it was nice to see I'm not the only one with a hairy chest.

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