Thursday, May 05, 2016

Three's Company - S1 E1 - A Man About The House

Three's Company
Season 1
Episode 1
A Man About The House

Come and knock on our door, we've been waiting for you....

Three's Company is a greatly underappreciated show. John Ritter is a a greatly underappreciated actor. Combine the two and you have a great TV show that tends to fly under the radar. And when you add in the plethora of sexual innuendo, homosexuality, and Suzanne Somers, and many adults my age never got to watch it when they were kids.

But I did. So I'm going to try to pass along my love for the show.

And my love for that swinging door into the kitchen.

Physical Comedy
In the opening credits alone, we see Jack (John Ritter) fall off his bike, Janet (Joyce DeWitt) pour water on Chrissy (Suzanne Somers), and Mrs. Roper (Audrey Lindley) throws a dart at Mr. Roper (Norman Fell). Below is a list of just some of the physical comedy. Most of it is little things that make the show so funny.

  • Jack slips as he gets out of the tub. It's so minor but it gets a laugh every time.
  • Jack's face as he tries to eat the scrambled eggs.
  • Chrissy breaks the burnt toast.
  • Mr. Roper touching the "bosom" of the potential new roommate.
  • Jack putting on hot pants. Right out of the oven.

I know this is coming out of left field but that's kind of my point. How often do TV show reviews cover STEM? Especially when the TV show is a sit-com? Exactly. So let's keep it weird but educational and cover the STEM aspects of the episode.

The ladle turned green after sitting in the punch. Chrissy made the punch by adding "gin, tequila, whiskey, rum, vodka" and maybe a few other things. As viewers, we're left to believe that the alcohol turned the silver ladle green. Let's find out if that's true.

First, the ladle is likely made of Sterling Silver, not pure silver. Sterling Silver is made of a copper base and silver plating. When the plating wears off, the copper is exposed which then oxidizes and becomes green.

Many sites recommend using rubbing alcohol to clean Sterling Silver so it's likely not the cause behind the ladle turning green.

However vinegar would cause this chemical reaction. But vinegar in a punch sounds a little far-fetched. But knowing Chrissy, it's distinctly possible. Anyway, vinegar, or some other acid, would create the chemical reaction needed to turn the copper green.

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