Friday, July 03, 2015

Hills Hell

Today was full of hills. It was hell. But it was worth it. I had a rude awakening when I went for my on-course training run in Oil Creek. It became plainly clear that I didn't have enough hill work in the bag. For days I could barely go down the steps in the house. So today I set about to at least put something down to make me feel better.

Truth is, I had the brainstorm last night to run the route. But this morning I nearly quit and stayed in bed. I eventually dragged my rear out of bed and headed down the road. I went into the "new" section of the neighborhood and from the main street, started doing repeats on the hills. Since my side of the street is pretty flat, I knew I'd get at least some elevation in over there. So I went in and out of the neighborhood seven times, once for each dead end. It was tiring and I wanted to quit after five or so but I kept at it because I wanted to make a bit of a stand with my brain. And I felt good when I finished. Tired, but in a good way.

The most depressing part of it all? Only 650 feet of elevation gain over seven miles.

Then I headed home and hopped on my bike for a few more miles. It's not the same as running but it still gave me a workout that I needed. So a solid reverse brick was in the books.


Doesn't do it justice but this is the big hill.

And this was me getting ready to bike.

Temps were about 75F. Humidity was moderate. Sun was out with only a few clouds. Wind was light.

Fluids and Fuel:
Had a full breakfast of coffee, two slices of toast, two eggs, and two sausage patties. I waited a full hour before starting my run. During my run I had a bottle of plain water. That was a personal record for the longest run on a single bottle of water. I did run out with about a half mile or so to go. Recovery was half a roast beef sandwich followed by a serving of Hammer Recoverite.

Aches and Pains:
Nothing really hurt during the run. Legs were tired but I managed.

Wore shorts and a cycling jersey. Phone flopped around in the pocket but it was nice to unzip it and a breeze to blow through my chest hair.

Today's Motivation:
16 miles was daunting on the schedule. But I was feeling decent. In fact, I'd say it's been the best run I've had in a month. Even though it was mediocre, it felt good. But I knew I wouldn't be able to get more miles in on foot so I hatched the plan to do some miles on wheels instead.

Naughty Neil:
Dinner was stuffing. Ate too much but didn't much care, I had a good day in the books. One hamburger, two brats, corn, potato salad, and apple pie.

Running - 1:41:37 (7.18 miles)
Biking - 57:47 (10 miles)
Finish - 2:39:25

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Lauren said...

Hills are a bitch. :)