Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yet another DRHT run

Went out for an easy run before a work party today and felt pretty good during the run. I didn't have a set pace I was aiming for, just time on my feet and miles on the trail. Along the way I saw some interesting things. First, some angry Canadian Geese. Second, a Clapper Rail (an odd looking bird that looks like a Kiwi). Third, beaver sign! Oh, those horrid beasts. Beavers. Grrrr.

Anyway, I trotted down the trail, took plenty of pictures, and had a decent time enjoying the trail and the weather. Most interesting though was finding the DailyMile magnet I placed for Michele S. (or somebody else) to find! I placed it on a bench near mile marker 6 a few weeks back and when I checked on it later, it was gone. Thinking it washed away or something I had given up on it and decided it was lost. Until today! I found it at mile marker 11 and was so happy to see it again. So I placed it on the trail for somebody to find and move. Let the games begin! Hmm, guess I should come up with some rules for the game.

The rest of my run was great but I had a bit of a creepy encounter when I made it to the Y to take my shower. My local Y has shower stalls so you can scrub your kibbles, bits, and udders in private. The other YMCAs in the area have communal showers, just like those you dreaded in high school. So as I started to get wet in the shower today the dude next to me LEANS THE FUCK OVER AND POINTS AT MY LEG!!! DUDE!! That's my junk down there! Don't lean over into my personal space and point. I mean, I'm self-conscious enough about my size, I don't need some dude pointing at anything in the general area. No sir! After that, I scrubbed as efficiently as possible. I got clean, but I did it like I was taking a freaking Navy shower. In, out, done. I didn't care that he was polite and just asking about my tattoo. I didn't care that he was talking about something that he heard on the radio. I didn't care about anything but getting the hell out of there.


Temps were 50F to 55F. Winds were heavy, about 20 mph with gusts around 30 mph, but being in the trees kept most of it off me. Sun was out and nice.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was nothing but water. I had one bottle of Hammer Fizz, which I finished most of. I had one bottle of hammer Perpeteum, which I finished all of. Recovery was chocolate ZICO mixed with Hammer Recoverite.

Aches and Pains:
Not really any to speak of. My lower back has been tight for a good week or two but I think it's because I've slacked off on stretching after my runs. So I made sure I stretched after I finished today.

Wore my vest which eventually came off after a mile or so. Winter hat and gloves stayed on. Arm sleeves were great. Also ran with my cell phone to take pictures and my voice recorder to record a podcast episode.

Codename - The DailyMile MacGuffin Game
See my blog post for the rules.

First half mile - 7:52
Mile 1 - 12:49
Mile 2 - 13:14
Mile 3 - 12:28
Mile 4 - 11:48
Last half mile - 5:38
Finish - 1:03:51 (a solid 6 minutes slower than my best time but I was taking pictures and meandering as I felt like it)

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