Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dead Dog Leg

After this morning's luke-warm bike, I went out for a much warmer run. Warm enough that I went topless. I'm now getting a better understanding of why guys like to go out and run without their shirt. First, it's functional and keeps you cool. Second, it makes you look cool. Well, for most guys fit enough to look cool, for fatties like me, it just makes us look like a beached whale grew some hair and decided to run down the road. And finally, third, it's functional. I know, I already said that, but I can't imagine how I survived running in the heat with shirts on in the past. No wonder I was so damned hot. But don't worry ladies, I'm working on becoming hawt.

Today's run was warm but not insanely hot. I did get overheated and had to reel myself back in a bit (which is why my inbound split is slightly slower). I powered hard up the first hill and felt good doing it, started to overheat and slow down on the return leg, and could only go up the other side of the hill in low gear for half of it before taking a break.

What does a hawt lumberjack look like? Like this:


Okay, okay, here's a hawt lumberjack for you ladies:


Temps were about 70F, sky was mostly clear but still some clouds, and the humidity was on the low end of things. Winds were about 10 mph with a few gusts around 20 mph. There was a headwind going out and a tailwind coming back. Pollen count was high.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was coffee, yogurt, oatmeal, eggs, and toast. I took nothing before the run. During the run I had two bottles, one with plain water and one with Hammer Fizz. I put 4 ice cubes in each and they lasted until about the halfway point. Fluids stayed cold through the end of the run. Recovery was chocolate ZICO followed by a meal of leftover spaghetti with meat sauce.

Aches and Pains:
My right knee was feeling off but appears to have warmed up after a mile or so. The last mile or so I could feel my feet getting hot. Outside of that, no other discomfort beyond the heat.

No special gear but I did take my iPod.

Codename - Dead Dog Leg
Ran by a dead (and very squished) snake at the bottom of the hill. Ick. The barking dog on the corner (aka Cujo) didn't even lift his head as I ran by. Passed a couple out walking with a giant stroller and when I turned around they were gone. No sign of them. Cooled off my legs with cold water like a "pro" and it helped a little. The cold water felt better on my head and my big ass gut.

Outbound - 19:46
Inbound - 20:00
Finish - 39:46

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