Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Weight of the World-edited-

Sometimes life decides to shift extra weight onto your shoulders. Weight that isn't needed or wanted, but does allow you to grow as a person. A few of the life-shifting moments were the birth of my son and daughter, getting married, graduating from college, you get the idea.

Note that those are the good moments in life that truly grow you as a person. For those single, childless, high school graduates out there, you may find it harder to relate.

Anywho, the world has shifted twice in the past few months. The IRS decided to recompute my 2006 return and tell me I owed them roughly $1,700. -edited- We didn't report the stock sale correctly. Talk about a faux pas. The net result of my amended return was they owed me $8 (and they were even nice enough to add 54 cents interest).

Shifting again because Karma sucks worse than a Hoover, the IRS then wanted to examine my Schedule C from 2005. That's right, 2005. Emphasis on the five there folks. That's ancient history to me. Not to them. So I shifted some weight back to them by kindly replying with my documentation.

I somehow feel that Karma will come back at me like a Boomerang from Oz when they don't get what they want.

Dear God. This is Neil. Is tax season over yet? Can you speed this next week up a little? Thanks.

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1979 semi-finalist said...

ugh. this is my nightmare - especially since i finally started getting money back in 2005...prior to that i'd always had to pay and thus, never worried.

i have my fingers crossed for you.

tax audits should only happen to really really horrible people...there's got to be a way to insure that somehow...