Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Video Contest Anyone?

In a futile attempt to increase my blog traffic, I'll be holding a contest to see which video gets the highest page views [rules and limitations below]. To help things along (especially for those that haven't seen any of my videos), I've included a little data for you to digest.

  • Month-to-date [as of 11/14/06] results for my top five videos and largest number of downloads are below.

  • My Praying Mantis video did well last month (soundly thumping both METRA videos combined).
  • New videos could be added to the mix at any time.

Here are the rules and limitations.

  1. Relatives are not eligible.
  2. Winner must reside in the United States,thus making it cheaper for me to mail your prize [this may be waived if I don't get much participation].
  3. Winner will receive a free Ford Mustang t-shirt (black in color).
  4. All contestants must choose two videos. One for the Most Page Views category and one for the Most Downloaded category.
  5. In the result of a tie (more than one person picking the video with the most page views), the tie breaker will be the video with the most downloads.
  6. Data will be collected using Google Video Reports on December 1st to determine the winning videos.

If all goes well, I'll have another contest next month. You can check out my videos HERE.

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