Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Coaching and Voting-edited-




Today is election day (in case you didn't know already). So this morning I headed to the local school to cast my vote. I was politely accosted by the local NJROTC crowd to buy some donuts. I politely refused. Twice.

The Democrats and Republicans were nice. Just a polite "hello" and "good morning." As I walked in to cast my vote, I asked to use the electronic machine instead of the paper ballot. They were a bit shocked, and as I learned a few minutes later, I was the first to use it. Nobody even used it in the primaries in 2004. For all i know, I'm the first to use it in the county.

Anyway, one of my old high school teachers (Mrs. Ashton) was there to help run the polls, and she set things up for me. She required some extra assistance as their training seemed to be sparse. The other lady knew what the deal was and gave me directions on what to do. Essentially they activated a card (just like you'd find in a DirecTV receiver) for me. I put that card in the voting machine, cast my votes, and took the card out. Done. They gave me some direction on what to do with the machine (which was self explanatory if you read the screen) then gave me privacy to vote.

For those that care, I voted a Democratic ticket (Webb and O'Donnell). I voted NO for the marriage amendment and YES for the second and third amendments.

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