Thursday, October 19, 2006

Today's Random Thoughts-edited-

State of the Company


Fall Leaves

Just the other day I was leaving the house to come to work and I realized the leaves were already changing. Summer is gone, fall is here, and winter is just around the corner. Maybe I can get some more brush cleaned up in the backyard before the snow arrives.

Chap Stick

I got home from work last night and Elizabeth came running to the front door (always feels great when she does that). Well, she had one of her little smirks on that said "I'm up to no good." Sure enough, I saw something on her face. She almost looked like Hitler, but with a yellow mustache. And of course, a matching yellow finger. She apparently got a little too excited with the chap stick.

Morning Routine

Every morning, we have a breakfast routine. Elizabeth eats either cereal or a cereal bar. This morning she deviated from the routine and decided to have fruit puffs.

Which she's now apparently tall enough to reach.

And sneaky enough to look cute doing it.
And smart enough to open them.
And cute enough to look like a Queen when eating them.

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