Friday, October 13, 2006

Elizabeth has boobs

Last night was a usual night, until Elizabeth started to act up. Our usual routine starts around 7 pm. I get home from work, Yvonne has dinner ready for me, we eat, watch an episode of Friends, I do the dishes, Elizabeth gets a bath, Elizabeth goes to bed, Yvonne and I watch TV.

Things started last night with Elizabeth and Yvonne singing Happy Birthday to me, even though my birthday was on the 3rd. It seems Elizabeth thinks anytime mommy makes brownies, it's dad's birthday. Well, she did a good job singing and the brownies were great. So my mood improved.

In the past, Elizabeth has copied some of what she's seen on Friends. We laugh, the audience laughs, Elizabeth laughs. A couple of weeks ago, she heard one of them say "You suck" so she said it too. Very hard to reprimand your kid for doing something funny. Well last night she was flipping her hair like the girl was doing on Friends. That kind of "sexy hair flip" you see in commercials.

Then we had the boobs. Elizabeth usually pulls up a chair to stand on to watch me do the dishes. Last night she's standing on the chair talking to Yvonne about her boobs. And yes, she was even pointing to her chest with her shirt pulled up. I really don't need this kid, you're not even 3 yet!

But at least it was a happy night.

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