Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Green Monster Games and Heroes

Green Monster Games

Curt Schilling has opened up shop in a 30,000 square foot office space. Interesting points to note are the plans for 50-50 profit sharing with employees (planned to number 125) and the fact that there has been no release date or theme mentioned.


Follows is a short recap of last night's episode. Don't read if you haven't watched it yet.
You've been warned.

Last night we saw Niki (Micah's mother) get into a potentially fatal fight with her husband DL (who also has the super-power to move through solid objects - something you would already know if you read last week's online graphic novel).

Hiro felt guilty about not saving the gamblers from their death (by Niki's yet to be determined superpower of killing people violently).

Mohinder packs his bags and leaves the city, while his female friend/neighbor trys to entice him to stay. And we find out she's working for/with the bad guy with glasses (the cheerleader's father).

And speaking of the cheerleader, Claire's dad finds her biological parents, who turn out to not be her real parents, but agents working with her father. In turn, Clair's father learns of the message "save the cheerleader."

And of course, we see the wierd symbol again, which I believe to be a DNA stand. Look at it closely and it looks like a part of the double helix.

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