Tuesday, October 17, 2006

This morning's random thoughts-edited-

Alpha and Omega

I started to think about life when I saw the morning bus go by. No, it wasn't a school bus, it was a bus for the elderly to get out of their house. So I began to wonder what else was the same when we are young and old.

Thinning or no hair.
No teeth.
Eating soft foods.
Barely able to see or hear.
Unable to walk.
Wearing diapers.
Afraid of our loved ones leaving us.

My Priceless Outfit

7th Heaven

I watched 7th heaven on it's new night Sunday. My biggest concern was the fact that they moved it and didn't tell anyone until last Monday when you were geared up to watch it. Yvonne's big concern was Eric was going to die soon. I think he will. It's a shame to see a great man fall.


I'm so upset I missed last night's episode. And I can't wait to watch it (I taped it).

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Andy said...

And yet, over time, the clothes will become just part of who you are, and the opinions have of you over time will gravitate more towards "Neil the manager". This can be good and bad. Good because your manager will appreciate it more, and bad if your co-workers are the sort of petulant losers who see you as "a sell-out" or "kissing ass".

But overall? It's a good thing.