Friday, October 27, 2006

Pizza and Heroes

House of Pizza

On my way to work this morning, Dad and I were talking about development and how the county (King George) has changed. One of the old memories that was brought up was the old house (or building) that served pizza on the corner by the High School. It was an old white building, was a little bit of a general store, but mainly sold pizza. They had simple tables and chairs (and maybe a few booths) inside. I vaguely recall a counter at the back with a glass front, almost like a deli. This is where you placed your order. There were steps to enter. Small lot. And I don't remember much else.

Heroes Back Door

For those that follow Heroes on NBC (see my previous post here), I've discovered the backdoor into the downloads and videos. The video link works, but there are no videos to watch (when I checked). But there are downloads available. I've already graced my desktop with Hiro, my favorite Hero.

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