Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween in King George

This is a bit of a rant, courtesy of my wife. Apparently the local Parks and Rec didn't have the best organization in place for a Halloween party for kids. Names omitted to protect the innocent.

Hello Mrs. P[omitted],

It's Y[omitted] here. I wanted to email you about some concerns I had about Halloween Funfest.

When I came home on Friday night, I found my flyer about the event. This morning I also found a poster about the event hanging at school. Neither one of them mention that this event would cost$3.00 per child to get in.

It also stated on both the poster and the flyer that there would be three categories for prizes for costumes and there were only two. I was disappointed that games and prizes were so mixed for age levels. I felt like the gym could have been separated into sections based on ages. It worried me to have E[omitted] near darts and cork guns as well as playing the same games as the much older children.At one point a golfer in front of us was about 13 or so (I know he was at least that old because I had him my first year at Potomac).

I also had some concerns about the prizes that were given out to the little ones.Many of them were not made for little ones under 3 and I had to take them away from E[omitted] because I was afraid she would choke on them.As I mentioned earlier about the gym being divided, this would also allow the prizes to be more age appropriate. I also felt like some of the students helping with the games were not making all children play by the same rules. For example, at the bean bag toss that was near the egg hunt,E[omitted] had to stand on the floor and throw the bean bags, while a young man who went after her who was about 10 stood in the same spot and leaned over the target in order to win his prize.

At the egg hunt E[omitted] and L[omitted] were sent in at the same time as two older girls about 12. As I am sure you can imagine, the older girls got all but three of the eggs.While E[omitted] had fun and so did her friends, it was a night of teaching tough lessons to a two and a half year old for me. Perhaps at the next event the games and prizes could be better divided by ages.Thanks for your help.


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