Tuesday, June 30, 2015

OC100 Training Run

So my training run was a bit crappy. And wet. And muddy. And wet. But I did it. It left me exhausted, feeling run-down, and wondering if I should be running these stupid-long distances. Guess we'll find out. I'm not really sure where to start with the report so I'll just review my initial thoughts and go from there.

My secrete plans for a 50k were dashed pretty quickly. I started before everyone else but within a mile or two I realized I wouldn't be getting a full 50k loop in. So I decided to cut things short with half a loop. Still, 11 or 12 miles is nothing to sneeze at on this course, especially in this weather. And speaking of weather, the trail was a stream in several parts. Some parts were nice and dry but for the most part it was muddy and full of puddles.

Took this on the course, through the ziploc bag, at my "thinking I'm gonna quit" rock.

This is after several stream crossings that cleaned me off. I needed two showers when I was done.

Course Notes:
Section 1 (Drake Well to Wolfkiel)
- Started at the parking lot across the river from Drake Well and across the street from where the paved path goes under the railroad tracks.
- Hiker sign-in is about a mile up the trail. That first mile is mostly uphill.
- Second mile is mostly level or downhill.
- Third mile starts after the sharp right turn and is uphill.
- Cross the road at Mile 4.
- After the road and before Wolfkiel is mostly flat or downhill.
- Halfway point is about five and a half miles from Drake Well.

Section 4 (Miller Farm to Drake Well)
- Cemetery Hill goes up, crosses the scary bridge, then goes up more.
- Toy Run stream is halfway.
- Hiker sign-in is about a mile away from Drake Well.

By the Numbers:
11.8 miles
4.5 hours
2,628 feet in elevation gain
Two wrong turns (one was about 10 steps, one was a quarter mile or so)
A few chipmunks
16 salamanders
Countless slips
3 oh-shit-I'm-gonna-fall moments
No falls
One giant headache
Swallowed one bug and barfed once

The temps were cool and in the 60s. Humidity was 100% because it was raining. No sun. Wind only picked up once.

Fluids and Fuel:
GenUCAN before the run. Plain water and Hammer Fizz during the run. Plus two applesauces. Recovery was a BLT wrap, tea, and coffee.

Aches and Pains:
Felt okay. Had some minor cramping in my right calf. Big toes on both feet hurt a bit. No blisters. Major headache kicked in around mile 8. Had dark urine around the same time. Spent 7 hours the day after driving home and pretty much cramped up like a rust bolt.

Two shirts for the first mile or so then just one. Shorts and gloves. Wore my hydration pack.

Today's Motivation:
I needed this. My secret plan to bust out a 50k was a bust. But I wrapped my head around making the decision to just do half a loop. It took some time but I got there. Still wish I had the energy to do more miles but I think I'll be okay.

Naughty Neil:
I had fries with my wrap. And a piece of cake last night. And I'm sure I'll have more cake tonight. But I don't feel much guilt about it.

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