Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dead Frog City

Today's run was along my Jackpot route. That's the new name I gave it today. Something with Eden just didn't jive. But Jackpot seemed to fit since I've found boobs and a nice knife on the same road. Today's jackpot was dead frogs. Lots of dead frogs. Like so many that I gave up counting after two dozen. I did see a living salamander and two turtles but I left them alone.

Aside from that, the run was pretty nice. I had 6 miles on the plan and physically I could have made it another mile but mentally I really, REALLY needed to end things on a high note. Besides, I'm sure I'll be riding my bike or even swimming later today.

The weather was really what made it a nice run. Temps yesterday were blazing hot in the upper 90s and the heat index was nearly 110F. Today was much cooler and even had a slight breeze to help cool things off. The storms that rolled through last night really seemed to help, despite leaving some humidity behind.

The rest of the morning will be busy with work and organizing my books on my new bookshelf. Seems like my wife got tired of the totes in my office. Or she was looking out for me. Or both. Anyway, It' a big shelf but it's already overflowing with books. Guess it's time to cull the herd.

Almost forgot to mention my nightmare. I rarely have nightmares before races but this morning was the first time I had one before a big training run. What the hell? The race director was a cross between Tom Jennings and David Horton. He was nice but you knew the course would be very long and not well marked. So when my wife and I showed up late for this 10k training run.

Proof that I got my ass up as early as the sun.

Temps were about 65F to 70F. Sun was out but it was still early enough to have plenty of shade. Winds were light on the return trip. Humidity was moderate but bearable.

Fluids and Fuel:
Nothing before the run. During the run was plain water. Recovery was two egg whites, three pieces of sausage, two slices of toast, yogurt, and coffee.

Aches and Pains:
Left ankle felt tight last night before bed. Just came on all of a sudden. As expected, it felt better after starting my run and never gave me an issue after that. Outside and back of the right knee registered about a 1 on the pain scale during the run but nothing after. Lower left back is also about a 1 or 2 but it's still there.

Wore t-shirt and shorts. Nothing fancy. Did listen to some music along the way though.

Today's Motivation:
A post by somebody online was my motivation to get my ass out of bed this morning. They said they were having trouble getting started and I agreed to get up if they would. Haven't heard from them but it got my butt rolling.

Naughty Neil:
Damn deviled eggs are the devil. I swear they're like candy to me. And sure enough I'm eating more of them than I should. Same goes for the Oreo truffles.

Outbound - 34:54
Inbound - 32:07
Finish - 1:07:02

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