Monday, May 12, 2014

Big Garden Update

Had a great Mother's Day in the garden. Managed to squeak out some free-time and drag the kids outside for some play-time in the dirt. Although only one stuck around long enough to actually be of any help, it was nice to get them both outside for a bit.

The bad news is that shortly after planting the first round of carrots, onions, and lettuce (with marigolds too), we got lots of rain. Like, way too much rain. Like, the garden flooded a bit. The good news is that at least the lettuce and marigolds seem to have survived. The little triangle flower bed I made by the back steps looks totally trashed, but I'm hopeful something will crop up out of that. If not, well, at least I can plant something there later. Anyway, the lettuce is looking quite nice and perky so far.

As for the rest of the garden, I raked off the leaves from the spinach plot and planted corn. I'm pretty sure the spinach won't grow but at least I had room for the corn. And the mulch went great on top of the walkways between the plots.

With corn in the ground, we also planted pumpkins, zucchini, and more marigolds. I snuck a few extra carrots in but doubt they'll do anything. I also transplanted my tomatoes and peppers. I felt really bad weeding out the weaker plants but it also made me feel a bit like a "professional" gardener. Ha! Anyway, I cut them into singles, then dropped them into the ground. I also took the time to put a cage up now instead of later when it's too late. For the most part, I followed the directions in spacing, but since I had some extra plants that looked too good to waste, I over-planted one section just to see what came up. I figure I can always thin them out later.

Finally, we planted some sunflowers. The package says they'll only be three feet tall but I'd be happy if they just grew. The kids tried to pick a spot in the middle of the yard but I talked them out of that. Since "good drainage" wasn't going to happen in the back yard, we ended up putting the seeds down by the front sidewalk. The ants hated us but at least it will get some solid sun.

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