Sunday, April 27, 2014

Table for Two

First good run in a long time. I'm now in a much better mood mentally, feel better physically, and may have actually found my will to run again. I headed out to retrieve my last large trail camera so I can re-shuffle them to new spots. The newer cameras are much smaller and much easier to run with so I'll be using them as mobile units while the larger ones stay stationary. Like any of that matters, but I still felt the need to explain it.

Anyway, yesterday was a day full of hiking, walking, and a few, short bursts of running. We hit to parks and probably logged a good 5 miles on our feet. It felt nice to get out in the nice weather and spend time with the family outside. Today was my day to go run so I put in a nice, somewhat easy, certainly low-stress, run on the local trail. I was happy to see a full parking lot but it did make parking a bit tricky. Saw two dog walkers, one walker, one local runner, two more walkers, and a small group of Scouts putting in some service hours.

The run felt hard but easy. Hard physically since it's been a bit since I've gone that far but easy since my mind was in the right place the entire time.


I have no idea why these table-sized logs were here.

Temps were 60F to 65F. Winds were light. Sun was out in full.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was three waffles, one egg, yogurt, and coffee. During the run I had a bottle of plain water and an apple sauce. Recovery wasn't quite so good but it was a burger, fries, and iced coffee.

Aches and Pains:
I have some sores on the top of my foot that aren't healing as fast as they should. I'll need to check in with the doctor about that. Everything else felt fine.

Just took my handheld and not much else. Wore shorts, short sleeve shirt, BUFF, and that's it.

Heart Rate:
Did my best to keep it in Zone 2 but I know I was pushing that early on. So I just went into damage control early on and tried to stay as low as I could.

Mile 0.7 - 8:47 (AVG HR 146)
Mile 1 - 12:41 (AVG HR 150)
Mile 2 - 15:01 (AVG HR 151)
Mile 3 - 14:04 (AVG HR 149)
Mile 4 - 15:08 (AVG HR 150)
Mile 0.7 - 8:52 (AVG HR 154)
Finish - 1:14:36
AVG HR - 150
MIN HR - 112
MAX HR - 175

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