Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Elizabeth Turns 10

Here's a blast from the past, way back when Elizabeth turned 4. Scary how time flies. And even further back, we have my first blog post with Elizabeth. Wow.

Well, today is her 10th birthday and I'm feeling ancient. Last night Yvonne wanted to know how in the world we got a 10 year-old in our house. I said we didn't, she was still 9. At least for a few hours. Well, that time is up. She's 10 now and I don't know where the time went. Seems like only yesterday I was 10. Which lead me on a path to find some old photos. I don't have many handy but managed to find a couple. Not sure I'm exactly 10 in both of these but it's close enough. Close enough to bring up memories.

This photo was taken in 1986, likely in the spring. My guess is it was taken in Washington DC during Cherry Blossom season. I was wearing my favorite pair of camouflage pants and hat. Knowing me, I was probably also wearing a matching shirt. My jacket was from the USS Ticonderoga. I think. The logo was in yellow and on the upper left chest. It was green, kind of vinyl-like, and had snaps. I liked it too.

The second picture is full of more memories. It was taken in Williamsburg, VA on January 11, 1986. The background is my uncle's motorhome, probably a Foretravel brand. I vaguely remember it but I'm not sure if I remember this one or his newer one. Standing next to me is my father wearing some stylish brown and a mustache. My clothes aren't much better but I only remember my belt. It was made by my great-uncle and I still have it. Well, technically I still have it but I gave it to my son so he could wear it. The thing around my neck is a stuffed Loch Ness Monster from Busch Gardens. I never went but my uncle gave it to me since his company was working for the park making hats. Anyway, that about sums up this particular picture. I have a lot of other memories about our trips to Williamsburg but I'll save those for a later time.

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