Monday, September 16, 2013

Podcast - Mile 68 - Spider Man

In this episode I babble while I have a free run. Thanks to my new coach I got the chance to enjoy a run. Not that I don't enjoy running but sometimes it feels like work. So this run was all about reconnecting myself with the joy of running. And I did my best. Aside from spider webs and bugs, I did fairly well. Try not to laugh as I eat a bug or spider web during the show.

I start at the beach and head uphill as I go inland. There were some tough climbs but I survived. I knew what was coming and knew where the trail leveled out and where I'd be walking. I just wish I had the stamina to go faster.

Along the way I swear about spider webs, talk about Downton Abbey and the spoiler I read in the paper, swear some more about spider webs, and talk about The Big Bang Theory. And, you guessed it, swear some more about spider webs.

So if you want to get stuck in my web of babbling, you can find Peter Parker on Podbean, download the web directly from here, or listen on your phone as you run from spiders on SoundCloud.

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