Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gardens and Farms

First, a small update on my garden. I'm a complete novice which is bad news for my plants. But the good news is I'm learning quickly and haven't really spent a lot of money on this adventure. I've harvested a few radishes already (red and white) and my dad has been willing to give them a taste test. Some were a bit mushy in the middle which means I've picked too late. Beyond that, there's a long laundry list of things I'm doing wrong but hey, I'm learning.

Here's what the latest batch looked like.

In other news, we spent the holiday weekend adventuring around and doing some work. I spent Saturday working in the yard and on the trail. Sunday was hiking and biking and playing. Monday was laundry and a picnic. The kids had a good time, I got a new bike, and nobody died. Can't complain too much.

Here are the kids having fun at Westmoreland State Park and at the Westmoreland Berry Farm.

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