Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Garden and Compost Update

Thought I'd share a couple of updates; one for the garden, one on the composting.

The Garden
So far, it's slow progress. But that's okay. That's what I'm planning for. My only timetable is to have my spinach planted sometime in March. So like you said, I'm planning on slow at the moment. As we get closer to planting, then my timetable will pickup.

So, the other day I divided my planter box into sections. Some sources I looked at used wooden slats but I wanted something that could be easily removed if necessary yet still be there as a visual reference. So I nailed a few nails into the edges and attached some strings.

Oh, and that orange thing? That's a fiberglass marker used in snowy areas to mark curbs, fire hydrants, and such. Well, I'm using it so my wife and I don't run over the planter when we drive back to our shed.

The Composting
Next up we have the compost heap. Again, I'm moving slowly on this and I'm not in a rush. This week I dumped out the trash can I'm using for a composter for the second time. I mixed up the compost heap then dumped the composter on top. I then covered the heap with more leaves and added some water. This was the first time I saw steam and smelled something rotten when I dumped the composter. I'm hoping that's a good thing. And while i don't stir or mix the heap that often, I'll try to get out there a bit more to stir the pot.

Here's the heap as it stands now. It's kind of hard to see so I tried pointing to it (look for my shadow). Behind the heap is my pile of leaves that I use in the compost.

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Lauren said...

Yummy spinach. We grow spinach occasionally too.