Friday, December 28, 2012

2013 Race Sponsorship

A while back, I pretty much begged Saucony and my local running store to sponsor me as a runner. In looking back at my action I realize now they were pretty lame. Last year I applied with INOV-8 and was turned down. That's the polite way of saying I was rejected. Like my previous attempts, I wasn't surprised that I didn't get in.

I have heard that Brooks has two different levels of sponsorship, one for elite athletes and one for the more everyday runners out there. While this sounds tempting, I'm not really a big fan of Brooks. Sure, they make some nice gear but I've become quite picky in what I wear. So even though I do have some Brooks clothing in my running rotation, I don't feel comfortable enough making the attempt.

I have applied with Altra Zero Drop to be one of their Ambassadors and I feel very comfortable doing so. I love their shoes and will continue to wear them even if I don't get accepted. I don't know what to say about their clothes as I don't have any but I'm sure it's pretty normal stuff.

I feel uncomfortable trying to work out a sponsorship deal with T-Star Running since the owner/creator is a friend and I'm not sure I want to mix business with friendship. It just seems like it would have too much opportunity to add stress to our group runs. Despite this, I will continue to buy her shorts and will continue to love them. Even if she does sew a shiny silver star on the ass of my next pair.

So why am I rambling on about all these big and small companies and sponsorships? Because I want somebody out there to pay my way to a race this year. I'd even settle for next year if the timing doesn't work out. You see, at some point I can't remember, I signed up for email alerts from the Sandhills Marathon. When I got the first one a few days ago, I thought it was in South Dakota. I love South Dakota so I figured that was why I signed up for the emails. Then I started reading more closely and realized it was a race in the Sandhills of Nebraska. Very close to South Dakota but not quite. The best part about the race is that finishers get a silver spur. How awesome is that?!

I know, I have so many first-world problems and here I am asking for somebody to send me to Nebraska for a long weekend. But I want to go. And I can't afford it. So, if there are any rich folks out there that want to send me, let me know. Oh, and if you're super-rich, I'd also like to buy the family farm in Nebraska too. It'll only cost a million or two. Not asking for much am I!


John Zeleznik said...

For what it's worth, and you know this, if I get a big payday from the sale of SEASONS OF DESTINY, you will be wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the sigil of the PB&J house of your choice.

Neil Richard said...

You should know by now that I'm willing to pimp you out at any time.