Thursday, December 15, 2011

Today's Run - Naked Running

Went for a naked run today. And before you jump to any conclusions, please keep in mind I ran naked, not nude. There's a difference. Check out The Naked Runners for proof (they have an awesome podcast too).

Here's the Silas and Dave at a recent TEDx event:

Anyway, it was these guys that inspired me to run naked today. Granted, I did wear shoes, but I ditched the distractions. No watch, no phone, just me and some water bottles. The wind was blowing pretty hard so I had two distinct encounters with it. First, on the outbound portion the wind was at my back and blowing pretty good. How good? Well, it was strong enough to make leaves chase me. And pass me. I know I run slow but that made me feel even slower. I got passed by a leaf. Second was on the inbound portion where the wind was blowing the little seed pods off the trees and into my hair. Looked like snow but wasn't as slippery. Or as cold.

Aside from that, it just felt nice to go for a run. I caught myself checking my wrist a few times thinking about my time and pace. But I forced the feelings down and kept my focus on the run itself. Me, Mother Nature, some heavy breathing, and a good amount of sweat. I can only hope she was as satisfied as I was.

Temps were about 55F. Sky was partly cloudy with a decent amount of sun. Wind was the biggest factor as it cooled things off and made the inbound portion difficult at times. Wind was easily 15mph to 20mph.

Took my North Face wind breaker with me and had to ditch it after a few minutes. It worked great at blocking the heavy winds but it was warmer out than I thought and I was starting to sweat. Also ditched my winter hat at the same place. Had a major failure with my Drymax socks as I put a giant hole in one of them. More on that later.

Fluids and Fuel:
Took two bottles, one with water, the other with Hammer Fizz. Finished about two-thirds of each. Recovery was an EAS drink. It was okay but tasted just like Ensure.

Aches and Pains:
None to speak of.


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