Thursday, December 01, 2011

Molly Roohi - Ironman Triathlete

A local running legend ran Kona this year after a very impressive Ironman finish in France earlier this year. While I've never really met her, she did teach me that I pretty much can't swim worth a shit. No, she didn't say that, but I could read between the lines. And I'm fine with sticking to running. Maybe some time later, much later, I'll attempt triathlons.

Anyway, she was invited to compete at the Ironman World Championships this year. An amazing feat in itself. What's really amazing is how well she's handling a poor performance. I was shocked at how poorly she did but then I realized, she's just as human as everybody else. And the fact that she was not only invited but also finished the race, tells me that she is a bit super-human.

Her splits were 1:10:35 (swim), 5:54:21 (bike), and 7:17:58 (run). Her swim was okay, she felt good about it. Her bike was rough with the wind and a flat about 2 miles from the end (so she just ran it in instead of changing). Her run was horrible (her words, not mine). I can't imagine walking a marathon but I'm amazed at how well she did despite the hardships she faced. Overheated, sunburned, dehydrated, under fueled, and totally exhausted. But I'm still amazed and impressed that people can do this and do it so well. While her 14+ hour finish time may not be as awesome as she had hoped for, it's pretty damn awesome in my book.

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