Sunday, December 25, 2011

Today's Run - Christmas Run of Shame

Today's run was ... unpleasant. I've been non-running for a week now and I hate it. It's like cabin fever creeping into your joints and exploding. It's like a bad jingle stuck in your head refusing to come out until you perform a lobotomy with a rusty spoon. It just plain sucks. And as my fellow runners have told me, I just needed to suck it up.

So I did. My meds have had time to work their magic on my sinuses (and my GI tract) and I felt well enough to run today. Actually I felt well enough yesterday but didn't want to push my luck. SO I waited until today. I tried to wait until tomorrow but it just didn't work. So I ambled out the door on a very short run today. Very. Short. But it felt like a marathon. Well, no, it didn't. But it felt longer than it actually was.

And despite all my complaining, I survived. And I feel pretty good. Not great but well enough to try another run. Hopefully tomorrow. Maybe by then my memory of today's run will have faded enough to let me enjoy it. Today was a long slog. I felt out of synch. Very rusty. Almost broken. Not like a broken bone but like I forgot how to run.

Enough negativity. The positive side of today's run was that I only took two, very short breaks. Less than 30 seconds a piece. And I got to run with my new iPod Shuffle (a Christmas present). I have yet to name it so keep an eye out for a contest or something shortly. But I made it back safe and sound and I'm ready to go again. So I guess my brain has healed. At least a little.

Roughly 51F with heavy clouds and just a hint of sun. Moderate breeze that I only felt on one little section.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was a beast. Two giant cinnamon rolls that had to be at least 500 to 750 calories a piece. Plus some coffee. Pre-run snack was a few tidbits of Chex mix and a few swigs of GU Brew. On the run I had flat soda from Wegmans. Recovery was a small bottle of Ensure and some water.

I'll be retiring this pair of Saucony Kinvaras (150 miles now). And of course my new iPod. Everything else was standard issue.

Aches and Pains:
Everything hurt. Not sure if it's because of my shoes being so worn or just my body recovering from being sick. Likely a heavy dose of both.

Codename - Christmas Run of Shame
Because I felt shame for eating such a large breakfast and for not having run for so long.

Forgot to hit my split button so don't have one.
Finish: 16:38

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