Monday, July 18, 2011

Mid Year Review

No, not the dreaded mid-year review you get at work. I'm talking about a mid-year review of my running goals. Or just goals period. What ever you want to call it, I think it's time to review and reassess where I stand and what I want to accomplish. You can see my original list of goals here. Updates below are in Red.

My running goals included:
  • run 1 marathon (already registered for Richmond in November) - Still the only full marathon I have on my calendar.
  • run 2 half marathons (already registered for DRHT half in February, MCHH in May, and Williamsburg half in May) - Done. And then some. Ran the DRHT Half, the MCHH, and the Williamsburg Half. I also have the VA Runner Half in December that I'll run. I also have several 13 mile+ training runs that I've finished.
  • run 1 sprint triathlon (this will likely be in February) - Nope. Not going to happen. Triathlons are officially off my radar.
  • run 1 50k ultra marathon (this will be the DRHT 50k in August) - Just a few weeks away!
  • run 35 miles by my 35th birthday (October 3rd) (this is my #run35 and #tregløper project) - Not sure about this. The fundraising portion isn't going to work and the whole 35 mile run may not work since I'm on a wait list for a 100k the week after.
  • raise money for the Friends of the DRHT (Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail) - Seriously slacking on this but I have been volunteering and attending meetings.
  • run on the DRHT (or any trail) once a week - Pretty good on this. Maybe 80% completion.
  • set a half marathon PR (2:35:06 set on 12/12/2010) - Did this twice. My trail half time was 2:33:35. My MCHH time was 2:30:55. Sweet!
  • set a 50k PR (8:42:52 set on 8/8/2010) - Hopefully this will still happen.
  • lose 5 pounds (231 pounds on 12/22/2010) - Really struggling with this. My food consumption hasn't changed too much.
Other goals included:Link
  • improve core strength - Thanks to my trainer, I'm doing well.
  • run more on trails and uneven surfaces - About once a week I'll hit the trails.
  • avoid the treadmill at all costs - Going strong!
  • shop for and maybe buy a road bike (assuming triathlons are in the mix for 2012) - Nope. All triathlon stuff is gone, so no new bike.
  • do more stability/balance work - Again, thanks to my trainer, I'm doing well.
  • adhere to the cross-training in my training plan instead of sleeping in - Once again, the trainer has been helping. I still slack on doing some of the cross-training on my own, but I'm still hovering around 60% on that.

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