Monday, July 25, 2011

Treg loper

I'll be using the #tregloper tag on my tweets between now and my 50k. Maybe longer. But the real reason for this post is because of my mother. It seems she wants a picture of her son. Specifically, her son's haircut. Because I told her what I did this past weekend. Because my wife blabbed.

Not that I was keeping it a secret or anything. In fact, it's rather difficult to keep it a secret. Hell, I got stares left and right everywhere I went this weekend. I got a few comments about losing a bet (including from my barber). My barber even asked if my wife knew what I was doing when I went in for my do. Amazingly she not only approved, she even gave me the green light to allow William the same should he want to be like dad (he declined).

The real reason for the new style is to do something wild. Something that will keep me sane while I struggle through my taper. Something so shocking that those working the aid stations will remember me as I pass through. Oh, did I mention that I'm getting it dyed bright orange next week? Yeah. I'm going for that level of shocking.

So here you have it. My new haircut. And yes, I know my head looks a bit pink. I'm working on my tan and got a bit too carried away yesterday.

PS - That's all you get to see for now.

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