Saturday, January 01, 2011

My 2011 Running Goals

As I type this early to make sure I get everything down while I can, I realize how fortunate I am that I am not only able to run, but I am also able to find the time to run. So take a moment and think about how fortunate we can be and how unfortunate others are.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. It can always be worse.

So, my running/fitness/life goals for 2011 include the follow (in no particular order):
  • run 1 marathon (already registered for Richmond in November)
  • run 2 half marathons (already registered for DRHT half in February, MCHH in May, and Williamsburg half in May)
  • run 1 sprint triathlon (this will likely be in February)
  • run 1 50k ultra marathon (this will be the DRHT 50k in August)
  • run 35 miles by my 35th birthday (October 3rd) (this is my #run35 and #tregløper project)
  • raise money for the Friends of the DRHT (Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail)
  • run on the DRHT (or any trail) once a week
  • set a half marathon PR (2:35:06 set on 12/12/2010)
  • set a 50k PR (8:42:52 set on 8/8/2010)
  • lose 5 pounds (231 pounds on 12/22/2010)
Other goals for this year that aren't really easy to quantify and thus aren't written down include:
  • improve core strength
  • run more on trails and uneven surfaces
  • avoid the treadmill at all costs
  • shop for and maybe buy a road bike (assuming triathlons are in the mix for 2012)
  • do more stability/balance work
  • adhere to the cross-training in my training plan instead of sleeping in
I have other goals that bleed into 2012 as well. They include (maybe):
  • lose 25 pounds
  • teach a running class at the YMCA
  • coach cross country at the High School
  • begin running in triathlons
  • learn to swim well

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