Thursday, December 06, 2007

Rhyming Update

A few updates to keep all you llamas
In the loop of all the dramas

William is back to drinking his formula Soy
Liquid Gold made him sick, the poor boy
Don't tell the doctor we made the switch
He might think we like to bi......

Santa called Elizabeth the other night
He told her more naps would put her a'right
Her eyes lit up with tremendous glee
But she said he wouldn't be calling me

Great Grandaddy Richard made a donation
To the historical society's photo rotation
And there could be a pic of him as a boy
That would be three total, oh joy

Rakel has been translating by moon and sun
Now a letter can be read for Olava Hanson
More letters are coming around the bend
We should then learn from whom they did send

All this rhyming is making me dizzy
All this work is sending me into a tizzy

So sit back and enjoy this post
I hope you'll enjoy it the most
When your rhyming post host
Did stop rhyming this post most


Anonymous said...

Impressive.. I once tried to write a rhyming book after reading one by Graham Base, but I got stuck on the first page.

Now that I think back on it, a story about an Octopus wasn't the best way to go. It's an impossible word to rhyme.

Neil Richard said...

Sometimes I think in verse. Not necessarily rhyming, but like a weird poem that doesn't have a specific rhythm.

And sometimes the mood strike me to write poetry. I like rhyming poetry so I thought I'd share some of the random thoughts running through my head.

Paul Abbamondi said...

Yo, MC TK "Too Kool" all up on this mic!