Monday, December 03, 2007

This post is rated R

Four posts in a day. Amazing huh? Not really.

(Fair warning. Swearing ahead.)

The level of Holiday Cheer just got sucked out the fucking window at the Richard house today. Turns out the docs think William is allergic to soy as well as milk. Definitive tests won't be run until the 17th. And being the pessimist I am, I don't want to imagine the worst case scenario. But I will. Milk, soy, wheat, nut, egg, and numerous other foods could end up on the allergy chart. Not too bad for an adult or even a kid. But Christ, he's only 3 months old. Try telling a kid that bottle he's chugging away on is worth five bucks. Liquid gold that gets crapped out every day.

William, William. I feel bad for the kid and there's not much we can do. Can't just leave him on the doorstep somewhere. So, we'll slog through it. Yvonne and I are both stubborn, and our parents are stubborn, and I'm pretty sure all of our grandparents were stubborn too. So from one mule-head to another, we make it work whatever the cost.

Okay, I feel much better now. Ranting cycle is complete and venting is finished. Now I can move on to the Rinse cycle.

Feeling sad yet? Well don't. Go down there and read about the UFOs.


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Paul Abbamondi said...

Gah, that really sucks. Only makes things more difficult. Let's just hope its soy and milk.

-Melissa- said...

That just stinks.:( Hopefully it is only milk and soy and not all those other things. Not a fun thing for a parent to have deal with.

Anonymous said...

Wow, he's going to be one expensive baby... Luckily they're cute, so they get away with stuff like that!

Neil Richard said...

Paul/Melissa - Yes, it sucks and stinks. But, we'll work through it. Don't have much of a choice.

Leaf - They are cute, and my 3 year old is testament to that. You never know what is going to come out of her mouth, but it's guaranteed to make you laugh.

cinda1212 said...

We had the same problem with Cooper. We tried every damn formula on the market - liquid gold included! - and the only thing that worked was the plan, gneeric Alberton's brand soy formula with NOTHING else added. Cooper had the worst diaper rash - his whole butt was red and chapped and peeling and blistering and it was really awful. He was spitting up like crazy, too... Anyway, hopefully it'll all work out. That was also the only formula we could put Kellar on, after trying others.