Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas comes early

Saturday was a bit of a nightmare. With the big "storm" coming in, everyone, their brother, and their cousin decided to hit the grocery store. Well, we needed groceries too, which meant I got to give people the stink eye to keep them away. But that was thankfully the last stop of our day, so it was bearable.

Before that was a trip to Verizon where we upgraded to new phones, plans, and all sorts of stuff. Turns out we've had our $100 credit to pend since May, so we took advantage of it. Which meant we both got new phones (the LG enV - hers is orange and mine is silver). And since it has the fancy keyboard, we upgraded to include some texts. Lord knows Yvonne will be texting her thumbs numb now. And we combined our plans to save some money as well as added Dad as another line. Kind of funny to watch the salesman squirm with Dad twisting the screws.

Those were the highlights. Lowlights include laundry, dishes, another Steelers loss, and the fact that they will be closing the roads until about 1 pm today for the President's visit. Figures it's on a day when I'm leaving early (at 2 pm). For the curious, he'll be here around noon today (and no, that's not his limo in the bottom right).

So what did you do this weekend?


Anonymous said...

"the stink eye"

pondering what that might look like.


Neil Richard said...

It's kind of the look Elizabeth had when she was on Santa's lap. The kind of look that says "I don't want to be here, so leave me alone or I'll rip your head off."

Works most of the time.

Anonymous said...

I had an eventful weekend. I finished writing my short story, to which I think it's ready for some trial and error submissions for publication. I think things are positive on that front.

Sunday, I made dinner for some friends. In my geology 105 class there was a girl that I sat next to and we hit it off real well. We became study and lab partners and took the 106 class together. Next semester we're taking economics. I had made my office famous lasagna for her one time and she, in turn invited me over for a study session, and cooked dinner for me and her boyfriend.

This time, I invited both of them over and made a Greek dinner. From scratch I made hummus and Kreeatopita, which is a kind of meat dish in filo dough. I also had a Greek salad with dolmades.

Everything turned out great and they loved it. They brought their own homemade Tiramisu (the boyfriend is true Italian, born and raised and has the accent) which was boiling over with espresso. I took one bite and I swear I was up all night. Good thing they didn't use espresso viagra, that would've been a mess.

Now, unfortunately, I'm back at work and wanting nothing more than to be at home taking a nap, maybe four hour nap or five, but I think something substantial.

Anonymous said...

^^ Sorry that was me above...

~Epheros Aldor

Neil Richard said...

Espresso and Viagra sounds like a deadly combination. For both the man and woman. And the neighbor's sheep.

Sounds like some good food though. Just had some crappy lasagna stuff. Ick.