Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Thunder leads to Starbucks

Oh yeah, I've lost it. Completely. After sleeping for a good 3 hours last night, the dog decided to shake and quiver from the approaching thunderstorms.

Which meant he ended up spending most of the night in his cage.

And after an hour of finally getting comfortable enough Elizabeth decided to wake up, scared to death of the lightning and thunder.

Which meant a couple of hours of laying in bed with a kid kicking and tossing around.

Not fun for anyone.

After finally getting her back in bed, we were able to sleep. For an hour or so.

Then the alarm clock sounded the end of my slumber.

How did this all lead to Starbucks?

I had to resort to drinking one of their frappuccino drinks to get a boost of go juice (aka caffeine).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You know, I find that really weird about dogs, too. Why is it they have to get all crazy with the damn thunder? Before my Ex took her dog the animal would be pretty much in my lap (55lbs can get pretty heavy) during the whole event. Hacking and panting like she was having an asthema attack or something.

Crazy animals...