Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dreams of a boring day

I'm hoping to have a more usual, boring day today. yesterday was a tad too dramatic for my liking.

1 - Robert B. Payne came to check out the heat pump. Our last power bill was back to the high $400 it was before we got a new one installed two years ago. They came around 0800 and didn't leave until noon. Original diagnosis was there was no freon in the unit. Upon doing a leak check, he discovered a valve had seized closed, restricting the flow of freon, resulting in the lines to freeze, thus causing the defrost to kick in repeatedly. He had to drain the freon, cut out the bad valve, replace several "driers," the connecting lines, and refill the freon. The seized valve was over $800 retail but about $500 under our service contract. Added to the bill was his labor, the other parts he replaced and a case of filters. Final bill was about $850. Everything appears to be working correctly, didn't hear it run much last night, so I can only hope it's working the way it's supposed to.

2 - Mike Long (the guy that built our shed last year) gave an estimate of $4,400 for the shingle and trash removal on the house. About what I expected, so hopefully that will get done this year.

3 - Elizabeth was sick this weekend and again yesterday. Not sure if it's the chocolate shake she had from Carl's or a stomach bug. We've restricted her diet to plain food (crackers, jello, and bananas) for a bit. Will continue to monitor the situation and move from there.

So, I'm hoping for a slow day today. Jericho is on tonight, so I'm hoping to catch up with that tomorrow. And the napping I did this morning helped.

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