Monday, December 11, 2006

Weekend Report

So I had a pretty busy weekend. Fortunately all worked out well in the end.


We started our weekend with a chill. My mom sent Christmas presents in two huge boxes which garnered me some dirty looks from the mail-lady at work. Everything was wrapped except the new quilt and matching bed skirt she made for us. I couldn't believe how big it was but it ended up fitting great (I'll post more on the quilt later).

But anyway, Friday we woke up to a chilly house. The weather was quite cold (below zero with the wind chill) outside, so I wasn't too concerned with the heat in the house. Friday night we still had a chilly house, so I added some extra blankets to the bed to keep us warm.


And Saturday we woke up to an even colder house. We had the thermostat set at 74 degrees (warm enough for me to walk around in shorts and a t-shirt and cold enough for Yvonne to walk about with a blanket and flannel pajamas). When we got up Saturday, it was a nice, cool 60 degrees. So the trip to see Santa was postponed and Yvonne went to town to do the usual shopping while I held down the fort awaiting the arrival of the Robert B. Payne guy (from whom we purchased a new Trane heat pump two years ago and have a service contract with).

Needless to say, his arrival was most welcome. After a couple hours of searching, poking, and prodding, he located the source of the issue. An electrical wire was shorting out inside the air handler that runs the electric heat. Thus, no emergency heat. Nor any auxiliary heat. Essentially, no heat at all. A quick fix and nice, warm, toasty air was pouring out of the vents. Started to feel like Clark Griswold huddled over the vent to warm up.


While waiting for the heat to get fixed, Dad delivered some insulation for the shed. Hopefully I'll get out there to mark the electrical outlet locations so we can drill and insulate this summer. After storing that, Yvonne, Elizabeth and I went down to a local church (Oakland Baptist) to see our friend's production of Fruitcakes. It was pleasantly funny and entertaining. While you could see the moral of the story a mile away, the acting was pretty good and the story was even better. Almost wish the Riverside would get this for a main stage production. Or the Christmas Story.

Uncle Randy

Yesterday we (Dad, Yvonne, Elizabeth, and I) ran up to Dulles to meet Uncle Randy. We had a good dinner and a visit afterward. Always nice to see family, no matter how short the visit is. He's doing well and looks like he's lost some weight. Had some photos of his new granddaughter and plenty of stories.

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