Thursday, December 14, 2006

First Ten Patents in US

I'm a self-proclaimed Google nut (fan, slave, inductee, whatever....). I've been a fan since Desktop and GTalk came out.

So today I'm reading the latest news from Google Blogoscoped in Google Reader and I see they've released a Patent search.

I've been entertained ever since.

So, in light of furthering your education, here are the first ten patents in the United States (and links to them).

1 - Traction Wheels - July 13, 1836
2 - Mode of manufacturing wool or other fibrous materials
3 - Making Wooden Pins
4 - Wood Molding Machine
5 - Machine for mortising solid wooden shells of ships tackle-blocks
6 - Wood Molding machine
7 - Boring Wood
8 - Cutting Shin-Tackle Blocks
9 - Making Tackle Blocks
10 - Cutting Dye Wood

10,000 - Improved Paddle Wheel

1,000,000 - Vehicle Tire

7,119,100 - Oripavine derivatives and their uses as pharmaceuticals (the highest patent number I could find)


Anonymous said...

some of your links to the patents are out of whack....

Neil Richard said...

Thanks. Should be fixed now.

Anonymous said...

there were patents issued before 1836 but not numbered as we know them today. The true first patent is shown above