Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas 2006 Holiday Card

December 2006

Dear Family and Friends,

First we would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We have had a very busy year and know that next year will be just as busy.

Starting off the year, the shed was finally finished. We have filled it up and are wondering why we didn’t build something larger. In February, we cheered and cheered as the Steelers won the Super Bowl. (Even Elizabeth stayed up late to watch the game). March was the start of parent-child swim classes for Elizabeth and I. We go every Saturday morning to the base for a 30 minute swim class. She is really improving and just last week she started to try to swim on her own. At the end of March, Neil lost his Uncle Irv to cancer and he and his dad drove to Chicago for the services.

April brought a 2nd birthday for Elizabeth and my 30th. It was also time for us to say goodbye to the Tovar family who headed to Texas for a few months before being stationed in Japan. We also had visits from my sister, my parents, and Neil’s mom. In June Neil lost his Uncle Denny in an ATV accident and he and his dad went to Nebraska for the services. June was a big transition month for Elizabeth. We really started working hard at potty training (it still continues) and we moved Elizabeth out of her crib and into the toddler bed.

During the Fourth of July weekend we traveled to Pennsylvania. It was a whirlwind trip the included a bridal shower for Nicole (my sister), a trip to see Grandma Gayle and Steve, the Brentwood 4th of July parade with my Aunt Mary, and a day trip for Neil and I to see two of Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses in western Pennsylvania (while Elizabeth was spoiled by Grammy). The rest of the month kept us busy as well while we celebrated our 6th anniversary, remodeled the hall bathroom, had a visit from Carlo (my brother) and Julie (his girlfriend), and Neil underwent Lasik eye surgery. (now neither one of us need to wear glasses or contacts).

In August, Elizabeth and I traveled to Nicole’s house for anther bridal shower. Unfortunately, that month brought the death of Neil’s Grandma Dorothy. We traveled to Chicago for the services. While the reason for the trip was not a good one, it was nice to see all but three of Neil’s cousins. September also kept us busy with the start of school and Nicole and Justin’s wedding. We had a great time and Neil and Elizabeth finally got to meet my grandfather.

October and November did slow down some, but as is the case with December things are quickly getting busy again. We don’t know what next year will bring us, but we are hoping for a happy and healthy year for us and everyone we know.

Yvonne, Neil, Elizabeth, and Henry


Thus ends our Christmas letter. We did a Holiday card this year, but I neglected to scan it, so I'm including the picture we used for it (the second one) so you'll only be missing the fancy border. I'm also including the two other photos from our session (the first and third) and our trip to see Santa Claus (the last one). And of course, I'm linking to the last two Christmas cards.


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