Saturday, April 08, 2006

TGIF (actually a Saturday) - 4/8/06

Sorry about getting this out a day late.  Work is busiest right now, so my time is a bit limited.

Let’s see, what’s been going on here.  We celebrated Elizabeth’s birthday last Saturday with a party.  The attendees included Nikki and Brian (and their son Luke), Chrissy (and son Isaac), Rhonda (and son Aiden), Jen (and twin girls), Heather, my Dad, Yvonne, Elizabeth, and of course, me.  So with a full house, we had decorations up (which I’m becoming quite the expert at), balloons, food, cake, etc.  We talked and ate for a bit before moving outside to enjoy the sunny day.  After opening presents outside, we had cake and ice-cream, then play-time.  Chrissy and Rhonda stuck around after everyone else left and gabbed with Yvonne.  Dad and I hid on the front porch and did our own gabbing.

Sunday (Elizabeth’s actual birthday) was more of a private party with just the three of us.  After opening even more presents, Elizabeth had a great time playing with them all.  She didn’t seem too interested in the clothes (even those with Dora on them), but liked her books and toys.  She’s even started carrying around her Dora video camera pretending to take movies (but holding it backwards of course).

The rest of the week was spent as we usually do.  We get up, get our showers, get dressed, go to work, come home, eat, and go to bed.  Elizabeth will still open the door for me when I come home (if she hears me pull into the driveway).  She helps me empty my pockets.  She has also given me hugs when I come home lately (my favorite part).  She’s also a great helper around the house.  She’ll take dirty laundry to the laundry room (hers and ours).  She’ll “help” with the dishes by watching.  She’ll try to put Henry in his cage before we leave.  Just an all-around funny little girl to watch.

Yvonne’s been doing good at school.  I haven’t heard very many bad stories lately, so either things are better than normal or I’m not home long enough to hear them.  She’s taking Elizabeth to swim class on Saturdays and those are going well.

Work for me is hectic.  There’s always a fire to put out somewhere or food to deliver or agents to coach.  The list goes on.  I’m also trying some new things with my web site (nerd alert).  I’ve finally gotten my Google Analytics account, so now I can track traffic.  And I’m having fun playing with my XML file for the RSS feed.

Let’s see, what else is going on.  The shed is still quietly waiting to be finished.  I did get a chance to seal the sill plate inside and caulk around the roll-up door on the outside.  Up next (when I get a nice weekend) is sealing the concrete.  We’ll also need to cut the grass soon.  Once again our grass is brown and our onions are tall.

And that’s about all I have time for.  For those of you interested in pictures, here are the two separate pages I’ve uploaded.

Birthday Party 1
Birthday Party 2

Have a great weekend!

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