Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Foxtrot strikes again

First, apologies to Bill Amend for using his material.

Second, I've been a fan of Foxtrot for several years now and I've always loved the little tidbits Amend has included from time to time. From TIE fighters in the background to blatent puzzles, I'm always laughing at Pete, Paige, and (especially) Jason.

In honor of Amend's great work, I've taken the liberty of coloring in his latest puzzle. If you're a math nerd (or a compulsive counter like me), you'll enjoy this.

Here's the original strip.

After a bit of work (about 3 hours).

Finally finished (total time was about 5 hours - which happens to be a prime).

And after a bit of PhotoShopping (more like PhotoChopping), I got this.

Enjoy fellow nerds!

Note - For those that don't follow the strip, the finished product shows a remarkable likeness of Paige, Jason and Peter's sister. Posted by Picasa

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