Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Nostalgia Overload

This morning's run was a walk. I really just wanted to stay in bed thanks to a bad dream. Nightmare had me running a race in Italy, hurting my foot, and then suddenly being at the Oil Creek race that I have coming up in a month. Not exactly the pre-race jitters I was hoping for.

Anyway, I got out the door, walked, and generally just tried not to crawl back into bed. I saw my dad out walking so I talked to him for a couple of minutes. Also saw the widow out walking. And Mrs. Brown. While she is always the source of some nostalgia when I see her but today I went on overload when I dug into new research today. I can't go into details because it's personal but the information I read wasn't new. But it was deeply personal and I'm grateful I had the chance to read it. It was just a bit much to chew on this morning.

Thankfully things balanced out when I started getting into goofy pictures of myself and my friends. It was incredibly hard not to post them and have a good laugh. So tonight, I get to search for two people. Christine Ingermarsson and Nicole Schnittger.

I believe I found Christine on Facebook, but I can't be sure. The photo says "Mars 1990" on the back and "Mars" is "March" in French. So maybe? And the story behind the photo is, well, weird. I have no idea where it came from. And why did I keep it? Because she looked pretty. I was at least smart enough to never pretend she was my girlfriend.

Nicole's story has a bit more history. I met Nicole Schnittger in 1991 on a train trip I was taking across the country with my dad. There's some video of it on my YouTube channel but I'm pretty sure she's not in any of the videos. I don't remember exactly which section of the trip we met, or which direction she was going (either to her home in Illinois or away from it). I think her parents were divorced and she was going between the households but I could be wrong. All I remember is we hit it off, talked and hung out, and wrote to each other a few times after the trip.

So there you have it. Just a small side-trip down memory lane. A preview of a prologue of things to come.

From my run this morning. There were three deer at the tree line. Dad's house is on the right.

This is the rear of the photo I have of Christine.

And this is Nicole's photo. I would post the back, but it has an address and phone number.

Temps were about 85F. Humidity was high. Sky was clear. No wind.

Fluids and Fuel:
Coffee before the walk. Nothing during the walk. Recovery was two eggs, oatmeal, and two sausage links. And more coffee.

Aches and Pains:

Wore shorts and a t-shirt.

Today's Motivation:
Feeling lackluster today left me with very little desire to run. So the mental compromise was to walk instead. And I did 3 miles, so at least I stayed on plan.

Naughty Neil:
I had a wacky cake cupcake with ice cream last night. It was good. And I almost had a damn Whopper today for lunch.

None. Didn't bother to wear a watch.

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