Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Knight Rider - S1 E3 - Good Day At White Rock

Knight Rider
Season 1
Episode 3
Good Day At White Rock

Michael begins to show a trend in rescuing women. Single women. Sometimes single women with children. This time he saves them from an outlaw biker gang. The town he's in looks an awful lot like Hill Valley.

What you don't see is Game 3 of the baseball playoffs.

The Car
KITT can play the slightly updated version of words with friends. Assuming of course that Scrabble is the original version. It can scare dogs away and has some sort of fingerprint scanner on the door handle. KITT can help a couple have a "moving" experience while necking in the back seat of a car.

Overheard (from my son William)
"He was joking. Or being sarcastic."

"He was talking about the car and he was talking about the girl."

"What are they doing that for?"
"Because they're bad guys."

"Isn't that illegal? Driving on the sidewalk? Why isn't the officer arresting them?"

"Daddy, do rock climbers have parachutes?"

"He's like fishing.....for keys."

The Free Lance-Star. October 8, 1982 -

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