Friday, August 05, 2016

Knight Rider - S1 E5 - Just My Bill

Knight Rider
Season 1
Episode 5
Just My Bill

Michael saves the girl in distress. Again. And this time, it appears she's a little older than the other single ladies he's helped before.

While this episode aired, HBO was showing the end of Silence of the North and the beginning of The Sea Wolves.

The Car
If you didn't know already, the car can drive itself. Which can apparently drive some security guards crazy. KITT isn't programed to cook. Although I wouldn't be surprised if he could produce a whisk at a moments notice. The car's Surveillance Mode "can detect any movement within a 200 yard radius." KITT doesn't have thick skin, simply a bulletproof alloy. He's not sure if he can take a direct hit from a grenade and does have limitations on how far he can jump.

Overheard (from my son William)
"I wonder what the sign says."

"I saw sparks."

"Is that what I think it is? Is that a limo?"

"It's like Pac-Man."

"So that means it isn't him."

"He likes action."


The Free Lance-Star. October 29, 1982 -

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