Friday, September 02, 2016

August Recap

As I realize I've forgotten to post a lot of photos this month, I figured a recap was in order. So enjoy.

The end of July saw the completion of the deck replacement. It also meant we would finally close on the Round Hill house in August. It was our first home. And while I would love to say that we could keep it forever, our move to Fort Max was the right thing to do. Even though we've had struggles here, in the end, it's a far superior house.

I mean, how could NOT take a photo of a weeener out in public?!

Elizabeth helped create a Whomping Willow tree at the local book store. And I was supposed to find out if these books are worth reading.

I mean, it's Mike Wardian. What else do I need to say? And a fellow Oil Creek runner. And the last place finisher accepting the Musical Caboose award.

The first day of school.

Aside from a bunch of research, I'm also reliving my childhood when I see stuff like this at Goodwill.

And speaking of research, I get to learn about all sorts of stuff. Like Prince Michael Romanoff used to live in the area. He ended up being a Hollywood legend and was even a pallbearer for Erroll Flynn.

Despite the traffic, I actually enjoy picking Elizabeth up at middle school. Keeps reminding me of my high school days.

I mentioned the nostalgia of my childhood in the 80s, right?

A local surveyor lives in the neighborhood. Keep looking until you see it.

William appears to be reliving my childhood too.

Yes, I was in a band called the Fried Egg Yolks. No, I won't say who was in it with me. Not because it's a big secret, but more to protect the innocence of the other person. After all, we played together like two times and, well, let's just say I had no idea what I was doing with a guitar. Since he may not want to be associated with that particular moment of history, I'll allow him to keep his dignity. Not worried about mine. Make sure you read the paragraph again Yvonne. It's to protect him, not because I want to keep secrets from you.

So what does all of this lead up to? September. Where I can hopefully get my stuff organized enough to write the Prologue of my story. Here's a hint. My childhood home in Oxnard, CA.

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