Monday, June 25, 2012

Podcast - Mile 34 - A Pirate's Life

Welcome to the doldrums. That low point in training when you feel like crap but know you need to keep going. That's where I'm at right now and I just can't seem to bust out of my funk.

Maybe if I turn into a whirlpool and suck some of you down into Davy Jones' Locker with me, I'll feel better. Well, at least I'll have company.

But before I maroon you on an island of woe with only one bullet in your pistol, I do touch a bit on my upcoming review for Deerfly Patches. You see, my arch enemy the Tabanidae (aka the deer fly, horse fly, or the fly that will eat the fucking shit out of you while you run), has a weakness. And I've found a way to exploit it. So while I work on my wording and give the patch a few more test runs, enjoy this particular episode.

Or not you scurvy dog.

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