Monday, June 11, 2012

Podcast - Mile 33 - Are you feeling okay?

Another walking podcast for this episode. I've been laid low by a sinus/upper respiratory infection of some sort. It's not quite at the level of a man-cold but it has kept me from running. Thankfully I'm feeling better now.

My secret for staying sinus infection free came from a doctor that used to be a flight surgeon for Navy pilots. While not exactly proven to be 100% effective, it does appear to curb many of the symptoms and on occasion drastically reduces the amount of time I'm sick. What's the trick? Ibuprofen for the swelling in the sinuses. Nasal spray to help clear the sinus congestion. And avoiding dairy since it increases mucus production.

Oh, yeah, and I suddenly end this podcast because I accidentally pressed the wrong button on the recorder. Suffer through it.

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