Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Podcast - Mile 32 - The Half Aftermath

For some reason I couldn't find my voice recorder so I'm a bit late in uploading this episode. Not that I was in any rush to upload this one since it's a bit depressing. I had just finished a bad race after a long weekend full of lousy stuff. Not that I didn't have a few fun moments over the weekend, it's just the dark cloud of depression won instead of my happy thoughts.

So, that sums it up. I touch on a few things from the last episode where I constructed my own Hammer Fizz container to how tangled my medal and earphones can get as I run back to the hotel. I also talk about how the Colonial Parkway will eat your feet alive. Enjoy!

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PS - My pace may have been slower because the course was apparently longer than 13.1 miles. Even though it was USATF certified last year and this year (two slightly different courses), there were apparently enough people complaining about it to warrant some further investigation. Which led to the discovery that things were off. No word yet on the final, actual distance.

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