Thursday, March 08, 2012

Yesterday's Run - The Tree Wins

Felt slow and sluggish today. I think I really need a nap. Took lots of effort to skip crawling under the blankets and instead go outside to enjoy the weather. Once I finally cranked some tunes to set the mood, I was able to convince myself that running was a good idea. Even though every moment down the road I could hear my bed calling me all sorts of bad names. Oh well.

Once I finally got out the door, I did my best to enjoy the weather. It lasted about 2 minutes. What the hell was I thinking wearing long sleeves, a vest, and a winter hat? Yes, I knew it was going to be warm but for some reason that didn't register when I got dressed. Thankfully I didn't sweat off too many pounds. But man did I sweat. Dumb ass move.

Outside of that, the major excitement was Lumberjacking a tree, a tree Lumberjacking a guy with a chainsaw, and a power crew working their poles. So first up, I tagged a sign with the DailyMile sticker on my return leg. Nothing fancy, just a push pin and a sticker. Maybe Michele S. will see it on her next trip down the road. Then we had the tree branch across the road, the guy laying in the grass, the two dudes standing around shooting the breeze, and the lady directing traffic around the branch in the road. I ran by, said hello, and got no response. So I kept going. A quarter mile later, I hear sirens. Apparently the guy wasn't taking a break in the grass but instead broke something. Guess it wasn't that much of an emergency since they didn't ask me for any help. And finally there's the power company's work crew that was either inspecting or labeling power poles. I didn't stop to ask but got some pleasant hellos and waves.

The tagged street sign:

Temps were about 55F with winds around 20mph. Sun was out in full.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was oatmeal, yogurt, and coffee. I also had an iced latte and some water this morning. I took an e-Gel right before my run. During the run I had a bottle of water and a bottle of NUUN. I finished both by the end. Recovery was a bottle of chocolate ZICO and some Ramen noodles with leftover taco meat.

Aches and Pains:
The arch of my right foot was starting to hurt a bit towards the end but nothing too terrible. Outside of that, I just felt winded and slow.

Like I said, I over-dressed for the weather but made due. I also took my iPod for tunes and my phone to take photos (only available on my blog, sorry).

Codename - The Tree Wins
If you have an accident and need help, please ask for it. Clearly if you're not able to ask for help, that's understandable. But if you have three people standing around doing nothing and you're hurt on the ground, then the least you could do is tell the guy running by what's going on. Granted, I may not be an EMT and I may not have been able to provide first aid for a guy that was clearly conscious and not crying out in pain, but I could have helped direct traffic. Hell, I even looked like a damn traffic cone.

The winning tree:

Outbound - 32:33
Inbound - 34:24 (includes a headwind of 20mph for the last mile)
Finish - 1:06:58

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